Vice and Virtue is a fortune-telling inspired roleplaying supplement. Using themed cards, readings and guided character reflections, you and your players can bring character morality into your games and structure your improvised storytelling with mysterious and exciting fortunes. By adding this simple sub-system to your regular gaming sessions, you can:

  • Help players become active participants in the story's direction
  • Easily prepare engaging and thematic scenes
  • Naturally introduce safety tool check ins and post-session debriefing at your table
  • All and more, in less than 15 minutes of extra play time

Vice and Virtue works with any roleplaying system, in solo or group play, or even as an aid to creative writing, and each mechanic can be used individually to help you tell stories in the way that most interests you.
Most importantly, Vice & Virtue can help narrators of any experience level feel more prepared, more adept and more in control at the table.

how to play

Brian Tyrrell (he/him)

Founder of Dungeons on a Dime, an entry-level TTRPG imprint, Brian has written, designed, and published 6 books over the past two year, alongside a handful of zines.

The author of Vice and Virtue, Brian is also its graphic designer. While his Kickstarter for In the Red was a massive success, he has also edited other games, such as TPK's Glam Metal Monster Hunter. With your help, he's ready to knock Vice & Virtue out of the park.

Jake Stark (he/him)

A talented illustrator with a long history of roleplaying project on Kickstarter. Known as Strange Arcade on instagram, Jake will be creating detailed artwork for the front cover, cards, and interior illustrations. His thoughtful use of mark making comes from years of practice. His portfolio of prints, pin badges, D&D class coins and cthulhu-mythos artwork is eye-catching and memorable.

Vi Huntsman (They/Them)

Vi Huntsman (they/them) is a tabletop gaming enthusiast, YouTuber at 'Collabs Without Permission' and proud member of the elusive Moonrat Conspiracy TTRPG development team. They will be lending their editing expertise to this project, a skill seen before in the likes of MÖRK BORG, Seekers Beyond the Shroud, DOAD's In the Red, and SoulMuppet's upcoming Best Left Buried: Deeper. In their non-TTRPG related free time Vi enjoys reading, acting, cooking and speedrunning.

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